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7 Tips For Making Parenting Easier

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Let's face it, parenting isn't always easy in spite of our best intentions. Rather, it takes a great deal of patience, energy, love and know-how. But none of us come pre-programmed with all the right answers for the inevitable "what-to-do-when" situations. So, many parents look to the experts for sound advice.

The problem is there's just so much of it out there that, we simply don't know who to trust!

But according to Christy Matta, MA in her World of Psychology article, 7 Simple Parenting Strategies That Work, Amy Novotney asked respected child psychology leaders to share the most effective parenting strategies - as long as they were:

Backed up by research studies showing their effectiveness in improving behavior, strengthening the bond between parents and children, and reacting to behavioral problems that arise.

If you're a parent - or someone who is considering parenthood - this article is a must-read, in my opinion, because the advice is clear and consise without being overly simplistic. You'll learn a lot.

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