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Family Counseling, Long Island, NY. Using A Family Counselor

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We are now offering telehealth therapy sessions to existing and new clients who reside in New York State. Due to the recent developments, insurance companies are now covering Teletherapy and video psychotherapy.

If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, or stress, please reach out to see how we may be helpful to you.

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Imagine how much happier your life would be today if a highly skilled, objective, and compassionate therapist had counseled you and your family a year ago ...

It may be time for a change.

  • Perhaps you're waiting for the day when your family begins enjoying each others' company again.
  • Or, you feel like your kids are strangers and causing you undue stress and anxiety.
  • You may wonder why you continue to give so much to your family and spouse and it’s never enough.
  • Or perhaps you’re finding it difficult to stop unhealthy parenting patterns passed down by generations of family members.
  • You might also be struggling to work through a family member’s addictions to food, drugs, alcohol, or gambling.
  • Perhaps your children are spiraling out of control and you don’t know how to help them.
  • And while you may genuinely believe that supportive, meaningful, and positive family relationships are vitally important, you’re convinced that your family will never experience these benefits.

So, sometimes you just want to give up, and give in. If so, you’re not alone ...

Why Experience Matters: ...

We know this because over the last six decades, our Licensed Clinical Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists, Clinical Social Workers, and Mental Health Counselors – most of whom have at least 10 years of post-license experience - have provided thousands of families – ones with challenges, roadblocks, and frustrations similar to your own - with the help they need to achieve real and sustainable improvements in their relationships.

The truth is that, in spite of our best intentions, unhappy family relationships don’t fix themselves

When they continue, things get worse. If unaddressed, they often lead to additional issues, such as depression, stress, anxiety and addictions. And if ignored for prolonged periods of time, the strain eventually takes even more of a toll on careers, children, marital relations, and friends.

That’s why it’s imperative that "stuck" families learn to manage through their issues - no matter how large or small - and seek family counseling when the strain becomes too much.

Using the best of traditional psychotherapy, as well as new and emerging techniques, our experienced family counselors provide people with the knowledge, insights, and tools they need to successfully negotiate their differences, find effective solutions for their problems, resolve lingering issues, and improve their communication skills.

We’ve Personally Witnessed The Tremendous And Sustainable Gains Our Clients Have Achieved

For example:

  • Profoundly altered clarity - one that allows each family member to see new possibilities and remember that they can make honest choices without fear.
  • The end of debilitating behaviors and patterns perpetuated from one generation to another. Many of our clients tell us that in addition to the benefits they’ve personally derived from family therapy, they also receive tremendous pleasure knowing that they’ve ended unhealthy familial patterns that would have plagued their children and grandchildren.
  • An increased comfort level in openly expressing emotions to each other and a greater confidence in their abilities to work through family issues.
  • Freedom from the unjustified guilt and shame experienced prior to treatment. During family therapy, our well trained, empathetic, and non-judgmental Long Island therapists encourage all family members to express themselves openly and shed needless and unproductive self-reproach.

Our family counselors have also furnished many men, women, teens, and children with the tools they needed to avoid future problems by helping them deal with a host of issues in healthier ways.

Additionally, we’ve helped many of our families become skilled at working through differences in areas like culture, religion, work ethic, parenting styles, and family values.

Yet, even though we’ve personally witnessed the tremendous and sustainable gains our clients have achieved over the years, we understand that it’s often hard for people to arrive at a decision to seek family counseling, for many reasons.

However, we also recognize that most individuals find it easier to make difficult decisions like this when they’re armed with accurate information from a trusted source, like Nassau Guidance & Counseling. Since 1960, Long Island families have relied on our experts to help them reach their highest potential: emotionally, mentally, interpersonally, occupationally, spiritually, and socially. We hope you and your family will as well.

And you’ll never have to worry unnecessarily over stressful administrative details, because we’ll guide you through the entire process, accept most major credit cards, and even make sure that you receive the maximum benefits allowed by your insurance carrier.

So please take the first step towards better family relationships and call us today at: 516-221-9494.

"We learned to be more honest in sharing our feelings ..."

When we started therapy we were having serious problems dealing with issues surrounding our children. We were trying our best to create a “blended family” and our efforts were getting us nowhere and jeopardizing our marriage.

Our therapy enabled us to look honestly at each of our roles in the problems we were having and develop ways of dealing with each of the issues that came up.

Over time we have learned to be more honest in looking at and sharing our feelings enabling us to improve our own relationship and detach from most of our children's problems. Overall, therapy has helped us both as a couple and individually and improved the quality of our lives.

A.N., Homemaker, Glen Cove, NY.

Here’s What You Can Expect When You Call:

  1. A Client Care Coordinator will conduct an inquiry regarding your therapy needs, location, insurance, and availability. He or she will listen to your concerns and answer any questions you may have.
  2. Based on your answers during this call, a psychotherapist, who will be a good match for your needs, will be assigned to treat you. Soon after, you’ll talk directly with your therapist who will schedule your first appointment – usually in less than a week - and answer any lingering questions you may have.
  3. You’ll also enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that our staff of professionals are not only world-class psychotherapists, but men and women who are committed to their own personal growth and happiness, as well as their clients.

Please don’t wait any longer. Call us at 516-221-9494, so we can answer your questions confidentially, address your concerns, or schedule a safe and confidential session at one of our locations near your home or work or remotely.

It will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. You have our promise.

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