Why Therapy Gets Physical

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If you would regularly describe yourself as “running ragged,” “stretched too thin,” or “downright exhausted,” this week’s tip is for you. In previous weeks, we’ve focused on taking care of your mind and soul. Today’s tip focuses on your body.

It’s easy to overlook that reliable, overworked body of yours; it spends so much time running around to get everything done that you hardly have a chance to take care of it!

This week, remember your body:

  • Rather than doing “just one more thing” and waiting until you’re shaky and starved, don’t let yourself get too hungry.
  • Get enough rest.
  • Take a brisk walk to boost your energy levels.
  • Take a moment to tune into what your body is saying, and give it what it needs.

Self-Care Is Key To Mental, Emotional, And Spiritual Health

When you take care of your body’s needs, you are benefiting all aspects of yourself. So this week, give listening to your body a try. You may find that “stretched too thin” is a phrase you’ll be using less and less to describe yourself.

Tell us about your results from this week’s tip in the comment section below.

Remember, these exercises do not stand in for the help of a licensed professional, and are not intended to be used in place of professional treatment. If you or someone who care about is experiencing a difficult emotional state, Nassau Guidance & Counseling can assist you in finding peace.

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