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The Tragedy Of Suicide

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Did you really want to die?
No one commits suicide because they want to die.
Then why do they do it?
Because they want to stop the pain.

Tiffanie DeBartolo, How to Kill a Rock Star.

Suicide is a subject that most people want to avoid thinking about, feeling about, and talking about. Yet the right kind of talk and communication can also provide the light that can overcome the darkness. 

Perhaps It Seems So Unfathomable To Most People That ...

... someone would be in such emotional pain that they would consider ending their life to end the pain. It seems almost impossible to imagine that life feels so intolerable that the only option seen is suicide.

Robin Williams

The recent apparent suicide of Robin Williams has brought this devastating reality to the forefront. I can tell you that when I sat down to begin writing this piece, I felt my own resistance. I began thinking about all of the other important things that I needed to do so that I could postpone this.

Part of my resistance is due to my own love of the man and how sad I feel about his death. Robin Williams was someone who I have enjoyed and admired for years. I almost feel like I have grown up with him, beginning with Mork and Mindy, his stand-up comedy through the years, and his amazing, serious roles in films like the Dead Poets’ Society and beyond. He has made me laugh, cry, and feel.

Besides being a talented, creative artist, Robin Williams loved to connect and help people. There was something so special about him and his ability to share his triumph and struggles. I remember his exuberance when his daughter Zelda was born and the vulnerability he demonstrated when talking about his struggles with depression and addiction.

The Hope That Can Heal

It is devastating when someone dies, yet much more horrific when they are in so much pain that they just give up. So many people are feeling such powerless around this.

My hope for you is that if you begin to feel hopeless, that you find someone to talk with before it’s too late.

Kathleen Dwyer-Blair, LCSW, BCD, Director.

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