The Positive Power Of Divine Intelligence

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Some call it "God." Some call it "grace." Some call it "the spirit." Some call it "a higher power." And, as spiritual coach, Cheryl Richardson says in her 2009 article, Finding Grace in Your Life, the name isn't the important thing, because they all refer to "a divine energy or spiritual intelligence that comes from a divine source."

Ms. Richardson goes on to say that peope who are ...

Open and receptive to the power of grace ...

... are more likely to allow for healthy changes in their lives because they're better able to recognize and interpret important divine-inspired messages.

And once identified, it's also important to take heed and act.

As a practicing therapist with many years of experience, I can personally attest to the power of "divine intervention" in the psychological healing process and I encourage those of you who are open to it, to learn more.

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