The Healing Powers Of A Good Cry

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Tears, idle tears,
Tears, soulful tears,
Tears, helpless tears,
Tears, determined tears,

Before I accepted
The life of aspiration,
My tears were the tears 
Of real sorrow. 
Now that I have accepted
The life of aspiration,
My tears are not tears of sorrow
But tears of real joy.

I like the tears
That flow from the depth
Of my helpless despair.
I love the tears
That flow from the depth
Of my dawning aspiration.
I adore the tears
That flow from the depth
Of my Liberation-sea.

By: Sri Chinmoy.

In our culture, crying tends to be discouraged as opposed to encouraged. The healing power of tears seems to be known by few. So many are uncomfortable with their own tears and those of others.

In therapy, we invite people to feel their feelings and to release pain and / or joy through tears.

  • Tears are one way our bodies are telling us that we need to release whatever may be stuck inside.
  • Some people cry when they are sad, grieving, hurt, disappointed, frustrated or angry.
  • We can also cry when we're moved by something meaningful or experiencing happiness.

Crying is emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually healthy. The poem above speaks beautifully to this.

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