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Stressed Out Moms

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I’m having that kind of day where I’m starting to feel that I’m a flight risk


Ever have one of those days? For many moms, those days can seem like every day. In between taking care of a family, devoting time to a spouse, and working – either inside or outside of the home – we are often left with little, if any, time for ourselves.

Having too little “me time” is a common refrain among many moms, and yet, for many of us, we might not even recognize it as a problem at all. It’s simply the way it is, or we think that the children are only young for this little while. We think that once they graduate (to middle school/high school/college), THEN we will have time for ourselves.

Well, Five Years (Or Ten Years, Or Twelve Years) Is A Long Time To Wait

As we have all heard before, there is no time like the present. And though we still want to give everything to our children, we have to find that little spark that is still distinctly our own. After all, we cannot fill another’s cup if our own is empty.  

Here are some signs that we might have neglected our own life: 

  • We find that we can never say no – no matter who it is (see our article on this topic here).
  • We keep very busy all of the time, and talk about how busy we are whenever anyone asks how we are doing.
  • We occasionally forget or overschedule activities.
  • We feel guilty about not spending enough time with our children, and then become overly permissive.
  • We are quick to anger.
  • We occasionally feel trapped, stretched too thin, or as if we work very hard, but don’t get to enjoy much of our lives  

Also, find more tips about finding time for yourself in my complete article: Tips For Stressed-Out Moms On Long Island.

My wish for you is that you make space for you in your life. Your family will thank you!

Kathleen Dwyer-Blair, LCSW, BCD, Director.

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