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Our Music Comes From Within

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We are now offering telehealth therapy sessions to existing and new clients who reside in New York State. Due to the recent developments, insurance companies are now covering Teletherapy and video psychotherapy.

If you are experiencing anxiety, depression or stress, please reach out to see how we may be helpful to you.

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If you require immediate help, a free mental health crisis hotline for New Yorkers has been created. This hotline will offer free emotional support on a one time consultation basis. The phone number to call is 844-863-9314.

In the 1800s Paganini was an emerging violinist and composer. His dream was to play to a packed opera house in which the audience would jump to its feet with an ovation. Then that evening came.

It Was Time For Paganini's Solo Performance

But as the musician began to draw his bow, he felt the terror and sickness in his stomach because he realized that he had grabbed the wrong violin, a far inferior one.

And then deep inside himself he heard: "Play with what you've got."

So he drew back his bow and he began to play.

And he asked that even with this instrument, something might happen that he would make a difference.

He played with fire and conviction.

As Paganini maximized what he had, the audience rose to ovation after ovation after ovation.

He said:

Before tonight, I thought the music came from my violin. Tonight I realized the music comes from within me.


The Source Of Miracles?

Often we have thought that miracles come from the world. When the truth is, the only miracle that's real comes through us, from that place in us where the spirit of God resides. Our music comes from within.

Mary Manin Morrissey.

I really love this story. It reminds me of how some people do not know that their gifts lie within themselves.

So often I hear from clients that they had a good coach or teacher, or inherited their talents from a family member. In therapy we encourage individuals to identify their “specialness” and help them to own this as opposed to giving credits to externals.

I hope that you find your 'music within.

Kathleen Dwyer-Blair, LCSW, BCD, Director.

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