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We are now offering telehealth therapy sessions to existing and new clients who reside in New York State. Due to the recent developments, insurance companies are now covering Teletherapy and video psychotherapy.

If you are experiencing anxiety, depression or stress, please reach out to see how we may be helpful to you.

Call (516) 221-9494

If you require immediate help, a free mental health crisis hotline for New Yorkers has been created. This hotline will offer free emotional support on a one time consultation basis. The phone number to call is 844-863-9314.

Stacey Charter reminds us that, "Life is filled with so many exciting twists and turns. Hop off the straight and narrow whenever you can and take the winding paths  Experience the exhilaration of the view from the edge. Because the moments spent there, that take your breath away, are what make you feel truly alive."

So often, clients enter therapy stating that their lives have become routine and / or they feel stuck:

  • They seem to do the same things continuously and seldom drift from the day to day patterns.
  • Commonly, with exploration, fear and anxiety are what keep people from exploring new friendships, activities, dreams, etc.
  • Helping people move through their fear and anxiety so that they can live their lives to the fullest is one step in this process.

The quotation above from Stacey Charter, makes me smile and offers a beautiful illustration of what is possible when fear and anxiety are reduced.

At Nassau Guidance & Counseling, our client care consultants are extensively trained in assessing your needs and finding the therapist who is best matched to your concerns, personality, and availability. Our policy is to set you up with your first appointment within a week of matching you to a therapist who fits your needs. Call us today at (516) 221-9494 for more information.

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