Client Testimonial

When I called Nassau Guidance, I was dealing with a lot of emotional turmoil. During this period of time, I started to notice certain patterns and behaviors within myself that I knew I wanted to change, but didn't know how. I can't say enough about how this experience has changed my life.

Growing up in an alcoholic family, I had no idea how much my childhood had shaped my life as an adult. My counselor has given me my life back. I'm able to look at situations in a different way. When situations occur, I now know where certain feelings are coming from and why I am feeling a certain way. Before I started with Nassau Guidance, my emotions controlled me. I now control my emotions and the way I handle stressful situations. I now make better choices when it comes to the people I have in my life. I have learned how to take care of myself with the concept of "self-caring" without feeling like I am being "selfish."

This concept has changed not only me, but my relationships with my family and friends. Before counseling I would back away from conflict. One year later, I am able to face conflict head-on and talk about issues that may arise. Hence, I actually have less conflict in my life. I would highly recommend to anyone to make the call to Nassau Guidance.

The staff is extremely friendly. They really do want to help. They will connect you to a counselor that is the perfect match for you. It was the best thing I could have done for myself, my family and my children.

R. W, Seaford, NY, (Tuesday, January 18 2011) nassuaguidance-5-stars-testimonial More Client Testimonials