Client Testimonial

I have worked with my therapist now for many many years and can tell you that as someone who had been raised with many misgivings about seeking counseling I am nothing short of amazed by the emotional and mental breakthroughs that I have had.

I find all the therapists to be engaging, caring, honest and trustworthy. I believe firmly that the foundation for happiness comes from within and in working through my issues I have found there help to be insightful and extremely helpful. To be frank, I don’t know how far I would have gotten had it not been for there help.

I am not someone who can easily open up about my issues and I am not someone who is easily taught. As I hold on to my beliefs quite stubbornly. However, in going through this process I can tell you that it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I both love and respect my therapist and I am thankful to them every day for the insight and help which they provide. If anyone would like to ask me further questions i would be happy to speak to you personally as I can tell you that my experience has been amazing! Good luck!

David , NY, (Saturday, August 04 2012) nassuaguidance-5-stars-testimonial More Client Testimonials

Client Testimonial

I have seen my relationship [with my family] become healthier ... When I first called Nassau Guidance and Counseling, I was in the middle of a personal crisis - breaking off a long serious relationship, constantly trying to please others and a paralyzing fear of exams. During the last year, I have learned that I can be happy on my own.

My therapist and I explored multiple techniques to help me get over the guilt I felt in ending my relationship and the pain I felt when I thought about what I had lost. Because of therapy, I have seen my relationship [with my family] become healthier as we have learned how to draw up and respect each other’s boundaries. I had gone to an extremely competitive undergraduate college and had been told repeatedly over 4 years that I would never accomplish my goal of becoming a physician.

Starting in graduate school, I began to have paralyzing panic attacks the night before an exam. My attacks were becoming more severe as time went on, despite my successfully passing each exam I took. My therapist and I discussed different ways for me to gain my confidence [Not only did I pass my last round of Boards, but my scores went up from the first round, and I am now coaching friends who are facing the same exam this spring].

I still have work to do in becoming that independent, pleasing-herself, confident woman I intend to be but I am well on my way, thanks to the help my therapy sessions have given me. It has been wonderful to have a non-biased observer to bounce ideas off of, to cry to, who is non-judgmental of my decisions and helps me develop techniques to succeed in life.

J.G., Physician, New Rochelle, NY, (Tuesday, January 18 2011) nassuaguidance-5-stars-testimonial More Client Testimonials